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联合国2018年青年专业人员(YPP)竞争考试现已开始报名!本次考试涉及法律事务、社会事务、统计三个职类,考生可登录联合国人力资源厅Inspira网站(inspira.un.org)或通过UN Careers网站(careers.un.org)了解考试具体信息并报名。报名时间截止至2018年8月9日。

The 2018 YPP exam application period is now open. The application period will be open through 9 August 2018.

Listed below are the job opening (JO) numbers for the three exam areas being offered for 2018.

* 2018 YPP Exam in LEGAL AFFAIRS: JO # 97458

* 2018 YPP Exam in SOCIAL AFFAIRS: JO # 97511

* 2018 YPP Exam in STATISTICS: JO # 97438

The job openings for external applicants can be found through Inspira or through UN Careers. Please remember to make use of the 2018 YPP communications toolkit (found here), to help promote awareness of this unique recruitment initiative.